Mobile and Sensor Computing

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We will post the schedule of lectures, readings, and assignments for the course on this page.

The first day of class is Wednesday, February 8.
Class meets Mondays and Wednesdays at 11:00-12:30 in 34-304.

Please sign up for the course Piazza Site, which we will use for discussions and announcements.


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Labs and Software Development

The class will involving programming for iPhones in XCode, which requires a Mac for development. The W20 athena cluster has Macs with XCode installed (select XCode from Launchpad, and then enter your Athena username and password to accept the license agreement). We will loan out iPhones for you use if you do not have a personal iPhone.

Readings and Assignments

Many classes have reading questions. Please send your response to the questions to 6s062-submit@mit.edu (please submit from an mit.edu email address.)

Day Topic Reading Assignment Notes
2017-02-08 1. Introduction to the Course
  • None
Out: Lab 0 (Slides)
2017-02-13 Positioning Snow
    2017-02-15 2. Intro to Positioning; Trilateration, Location-Based Services; APIs Due: Lab 0
    Out: Lab 1
    (Ranging Code)
    2017-02-21 3. GPS (Slides)
    2017-02-22 4. Indoor Location (Slides)
    2017-02-27 Networking, In-network Computation, Data Muling 5. Connectivity Overview and BLE (Slides)
    2017-03-01 6. Mesh and Multi-Hop Wireless Networks Due: Lab 1
    Out: Lab 2
    2017-03-06 7. Energy-Aware Wireless Networking (Slides)
    2017-03-08 8. In-network Aggregation (Slides)
    2017-03-13 9. Delay-Tolerant Networking (Notes)
    2017-03-15 Inertial Sensing 10. Inertial Navigation Due: Project Proposals (Slides)
    (iOS Demo App)
    2017-03-17 No Class (Friday)
      Due: Lab 2
      2017-03-20 11. Activity Recognition Out: Lab 3 (Slides)
      (Python Demos — See README.txt)
      2017-03-22 12. Pothole detection (Slides)
      (Python Demos — See README.txt)

        2017-04-03 Map-matching and map inference 13. Map-matching (Slides)
        2017-04-05 14. Map inference (Slides)
        2017-04-07 No Class (Friday)
          Due: Lab 3
          Out: Lab 4
          2017-04-10 Acoustic and image sensing 15. Acoustic sensing (Slides)
          2017-04-12 16. Shooter localization (Slides)
          2017-04-19 17. Continuous object recognition Due: Lab 4 (Slides)
          2017-04-24 Quiz In-class quiz, 11 am - 12:30 pm
            (Practice Quiz)
            (Practice Quiz Solutions)
            2017-05-16 Projects
              Project titles and abstracts due
              2017-05-17 Poster session, 11 am - 12:30 pm
                Posters, Presentations, and Demos due